IQ Boards

Touch Sensitive Interactive Whiteboard

IQBoard ET and IQBoard PS are the latest interactive presentation boards. Connect IQBoard ET or PS with your computer and projector, then simply touch the projection area with electronic pen or your finger, you can transform the
electronic pen or your finger to mouse and directly operate the computer on the projection area. The difference between IQBoard ET and PS is IQBoard ET adopts electronic pen for operation, and while IQBoard PS can be directly operated by your finger.

With IQBoard ET or PS, marvelous interactive communicating effect can be achieved in various demonstrating and teaching situation, such as product exhibition, business conference, video communication, news broadcast, securities evaluation, military command, entertainment, medical consultation, engineering design, competition tactics analysis, weather analysis, etc.

IQBoard ET and PS are provided with powerful IQBoard Software, which makes your operation on interactive whiteboard more convenient. Its powerful functions include writing, erasing, text editing, hand-writing recognition, on-screen keyboard, line, graph and table editing, graph recognition, video and sound playing, dimension and angle label, digital teaching tools, slide playing, operation review, dragging, revolving, hyperlink, reveal screen, spotlight, screen capture, screen record and replay, hand-writing saving in MS Office, page and file editing, printing and saving, etc.