Ranging from the ultimate gaming machines to top of the range business computers right down to your everyday home PC, we can supply you with the computer along with any required peripherals (scanners, printers, digital cameras, keyboards and other input devices) that you or your company require.

Need a network with a server? Well let WaRCoM Business Solutions design and setup an efficient, protected network for your small business or large corporation.

Check out the Hardware Solutions we’re able to assist you with.


Whatever your organisation or companies software requirements are, WaRCoM Business Solutions through our network of software distributors, is able to assist you making the right decision in respect of the right software solution for your requirements.

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Specialised Products

We are proud to offer two tailor made, specialised IT solutions to our existing and potential clients.

Firstly we have an ideal solution for store owners, mall owners, municipalities and any other organisation that may need to keep track of the amount of people visiting their premises. CountWise is a highly accurate and sophisticated solution to this scenario.

Secondly we have IQ Boards, which are ideal for education institutions and training companies.