Desktop & Laptop Computers – Sales & Repairs

Ranging from the ultimate gaming machines to top of the range business computers right down to your everyday home PC, we can supply you with the computer that you are looking for.

Servers – Sales & Repairs

We mostly concentrate on small business to medium business server hardware and software, but whatever your needs and specifications we can supply you with everything that you need ranging from your hardware to your server cabinets.

Network & Routers

We are able to review and redesign your current network situation, we can also help you set up your own new network if you don’t already have one, Wireless and Wired ADSL set up is also available.

Printers, Monitors & Peripherals

We are able to supply you with cost effective peripheral products such as printers, mouse, keyboard, Monitors, PC Speakers, Scanners, Webcams, printer cartridges and microphones.

PC Components

When a repair to a computer or laptop or printer is needed we have the right suppliers that are able to provide us with the components for the machines to ensure that your equipment is repaired and the parts replaced with original and reliable parts.