WaRCoM Business Solutions prides itself on the support it provides it’s clients and we do this by either visiting your premises physically through a Technician(s) or remotely via specialised remote support software.

NeedSupport Desktop Care Package

With the NeedSupport Desktop Care Package we help you with your computer related problems and queries such as fixing software problems, adding printers or network paths or even diagnosing network connectivity issues as though we were sitting right there at your keyboard. Remote desktop support is a cost and time efficient way of working, as our clients no longer require one of our support engineers to come to their office. This reduction in costs translates directly into on-going management benefits including advanced reporting on most common errors, identifying training requirements and analysis of user abilities. From Remote Desktop Management to Software Inventory, NeedSupport provides you with the tools and resources to make complete IT automation a reality.

How we accomplish this remotely

To enable us to support you remotely we need to install a small piece of specialized software (NeedSupport Agent) on our client’s computers, which enables our desktop support engineers to take remote control of the machine and provide assistance to our clients from our offices. The client’s computer needs to be connected to the internet in order for our support engineers to support it remotely.

NeedSupport Key Service Features

The key features of our NeedSupport PC Support Service offering are:

  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Audit & Inventory
  • Patch & Service Pack Management
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Scheduled PC Maintenance
  • Desktop Policy Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Antivirus (Optional)
  • Backup (Optional)

Download NeedSupport Documentation

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